Hi! This is Utkarsh, a 19-year old student, developer, and an avid learner. I am mostly seen around the corner, glued to my laptop (which I am not proud of, btw).
I have been an open source learner and a contributor for a while now.

In March 2019, I became a Debian Maintainer. I started contributed to Debian in January, 2019. Since then I have been maintaining over 100+ packages there.
I also contribute to Python. I am a PSF member and a contributor, mostly active in python/typeshed.

Besides that I was a Google Code-In Mentor in 2018, mentoring the students of coala, doing code reviews and helping contributors to get acquainted with the codebase.
I am also a Google Summer of Code student with Debian, working on the Loomio project.
In the past, I was also one of the Google-Udacity Scholarship recipient and also a moderator of JeevanRakht project.
Along with it, I am also partly working on a funded drone project.

Besides the technical stuff, I love travelling to random yet beautiful places, mostly alone. Probably trying to re-live life multiple times amongst unkown people \o/
Spening the day in the hills and hacking in the night has always been something I’d truly want to do.
I am a Drummer and a Tabla player, too. Also used to play Badminton at National level \o/

I go by the name utkarsh2102 across the web.
Feel free to reach me out on Twitter \o/



This is where I scribble.

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